Lease management
Lease/fleet management solutions tailored for mid-sized and small leasing companies and aviation investors with an aim to compensate limited human resources and uneven projects flow

Negotiations with airlines, drafting of the lease agreements and delivery documents, control of the lease performance

Technical inspections and maintenance planning– support of technical issues at delivery and redelivery, preparation for remarketing

Remarketing solutions – development of most efficient scenario for the end-of-lease assets of the client

Aviation investments consulting
Finding best assets and structuring of balanced deals for investors who over the last few years are under pressure from a sustained low-yield environment and demanding regulatory requirements, and wish to explore aviation as one of the best unconventional opportunities

Building a stable long-term cash-flow profile with contracts tending to have around 10 years tenor

Structuring a strong security with cash-flows attached to physical assets which unlike real estate are fungible and can be relocated with ease

Expanding diversification–world global market with variety of aircraft types with different asset classes and thousands of airlines

Ensuring a proper regulatory protection–highly regulated industry plus investor protection by Cape Town Convention

Fundraising and debt management
Securing best financing solutions for lessors, airlines and other industry players. Debt instruments management of any complexity

Most suitable financing instrument for each particular case: e.g. loan, securitization, fin. lease, sale-leaseback, etc.

Funding options with competitive interest rates and LTV ratio from world-known lenders

Optimal security structure

Monitoring of covenants and other obligations with necessary reporting to financier

Negotiation of restructurings or other necessary amendments to existing financing transactions